The Road to Economic Reform What it means for Australia and Sri Lanka

The President of the Sri Lanka-Australia-New Zealand Business Council, Manjula Lanerolle welcomed the High Commissioner to the forum. 

Addressing the gathering the Australian High Commissioner said … ““Sri Lanka is on the cusp of really significant economic opportunity; she’s got very strategic location, you’ve got a natural resource in the Dhamma; you’ve got an educated, industrious population, and very importantly, you’ve got a government, that, despite what seems to be sometimes, a messy plurality of views,  expressed across the constituent paths of a national unity government, the government does seem genuinely to aspire to undertake the hard journey of economic reform; and it’s taken some important steps already down that path.  So this is a Business Community that’s shown that it is looking for new ways, and able to see new ways, to make them to make the most, not only of your traditional industries, but to search out to new areas for growth, to tap into regional and global value chains, and to move up the value chain, and that is going to be very important for Sri Lanka.  And it is critical in all of this that government and business, and where possible labour, work together to seize these opportunities; to pursue the necessary structural and policy changes, and to confront the challenges head on….”.

Anushka Wijesinghe. the Chief Economist of the Chamber moderated the event. There were over 100 Corporates representing from different industrial sectors.